The Inkukukaya concept was initially developed by Butch Vaughn-Davies, a farmer originally from Zimbabwe and now operating and living in Botswana

Butch, having extensive experience in the Poultry Industry, believed that there was a gap in the market for the development of a system and cage in which to rear Broilers and Layers in a rural enviroment where people had limited acces to resources such as electricity, sawdust or litter and heating.

The prototype was initially made in Botswana and was made out of steel. The concept was trialled in harsh conditions in Botswana over a period of time and with the introduction of simple management systems the results were very encouraging.  The positives were exceptionally low mortality rates combined with good growth and low incidence of disease due to the cages being off the ground.

The disadvanges of the Prototype were that it was costly and time consuming to construct, was heavy and awkward to move and clean.

Butch introduced the system to Ian Dickinson who by trade is a toolmaker of 30 years experience and runs an Injection Moulding business in Pietermartizburg.

Ian took some pictures of the prototype, did some research and with his knowledge and experience of Injection Moulding and Butch’s knowledge of Poultry, they developed a plastic modular coop system that would clip together without the use of any tools and with simplicity being the key.

Zimbabwe Parks chicken project

Drawings and designs were commissioned, moulds were made and the production process was started.

Cages were set up at a number of sites and the results achieved were exceptionally encouraging.

The product was introduced to the KZN Poultry Institute who who did tests in a controlled environment and achieved the results on our brochures.

The original launch was done in the Copper Belt region of Zambia where the mines saw an opportunity to provide a inexpensive solution to rural populations and mine employees for upliftment, poverty alieviation and an improvement in food security.

The results from this launch have been exceptionally encouraging as can be seen from correspondence (attached). Subsequent sales of cages to various other organisations and individuals have taken place and in every case the response to the cages has been 100% positive and attached are further endorsements of the product.

Inkukukaya has set up an infrastructure in Pietermaritzburg for the construction, sales and support of this product throughout South Africa and into all African countries. Agents have been appointed throughtout South Africa and the Region and the interest and success is growing daily.

Inkukukaya is partnering with various role players throughout the region to identify projects whereby communities, especially women and children can be productive, generate wealth and provide food security to those communities.

These role players include Nosa Agricultural Services who have been brought in as a supplier of quality training material not only in Poultry but other subjects that will benefit these communities, various Government Departments and Associations, NGO’S, the Donor Community and corporate companies.

The development and improvement of the product is ongoing and already a design for a multi tiered system has been developed and tested and further products are in the pipeline.

Inkukukaya has also partnered with commercial entities such as feed companies and Poultry companies (day old chicks) and Pharmaceutical companies in ensuring that a seamless service can be offered to the customer and that Inkukukaya becomes a one stop solution.

To this end, Inkukukaya are looking at products such as small mobile poultry abbatoir units,  small cold room solutions and various other products which will enable the entrepenurial indivdual to take the system to a higher level.

To summarise, Inkukukaya is dedicated to marketing and promoting a well tested and proven product that can make a difference to small scale rural and emerging farmers throughout the region. By working together with various role players and the right training, we believe that the objectives of Poverty Alieviation, wealth generation and food security can be achieved in a relatively short space of time.